Public Service Commission (PSC) Filings

Public Service Commission (PSC) Filings

Case Nos. 22-E-0317, 22-G-0318, 22-E-0319, and 22-G-0320 NY Rate Case Filings

Effective Date:  June 24, 2022 (Suspended until 06/30/2023)

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PSC 16 Leaves

PSC 18 Leaves

PSC 19 Leaves


FERC Order No. 2222 and No. 841

Effective Date: July 1, 2023

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PSC 19 Leaves

RG&E has filed proposed tariff revisions with the Public Service Commission effective July 1, 2023 to allow customers with generating equipment to export to the NYISO through one of its wholesale DER participation models, either directly or through an aggregation. RG&E’s proposed tariff changes add a Wholesale Value Stack provision which specify the type of compensation that customers with behind the meter generation can receive from RG&E when also exporting to the NYISO. These changes remove energy and/or capacity compensation from the Value Stack payment made by RG&E for customers receiving payment for these components from the NYISO. Additionally, customers exporting to the NYISO are ineligible to participate in Phase One NEM or Buyback service from RG&E. The filing can be found on the Public Service Commission’s website.


NYSEG and RG&E Emergency Plan


NYSEG and RG&E annually file an Electric Emergency Plan as a result of the PSC's regulatory responsibilities based on Moreland Commission recommendations.

NYSEG and RG&E Code of Conduct

NYSEG and RG&E Code of Conduct includes Dispute Resolution Procedures on Page 6, Subsection VIII.

Electricity Portfolio Price Comparison

View our electricity portfolio price comparison charts.

Electricity Pricing and Tariff

For your convenience, we have placed the entire electricity pricing tariff online.

Natural Gas Pricing and Tariff

For your convenience, we have placed the entire natural gas pricing tariff online.

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