Catch the Wind Program

Catch the Wind program

Support the use of clean, renewable wind-generated electricity by participating in our Catch the Wind program. Buying two blocks (100 kWh) of wind-generated electricity every month for one year reduces carbon dioxide emissions equivalent to:*

  • 1,289 avoided miles driven by an average gasoline-powered passenger vehicle
  • Equivalent to avoiding CO2 emissions from charging 63,146 smartphones 
  • Equivalent to avoiding CO2 emissions from the burning of 574 pounds of coal 

*This is with the assumption the customer is enrolled for 12 months. These calculations are based on the Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator provided by the Environmental Protection Agency. All estimates are approximate.

Catch the Wind program

Learn more about the environmental benefits of participating in our Catch the Wind program.

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Read the program agreement— including the terms of delivery and termination.

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Review these commonly asked questions below before you sign up for our Catch the Wind program. 

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No. Through Catch the Wind, you can easily support renewables without installing or maintaining any equipment at your home.

Whether you rent or own your home, you can participate in Catch the Wind so long as you are a RG&E customer.

No, the renewable energy is not going directly to your home. When renewable electricity gets generated and added to the electric grid, it cannot be distinguished from other energy sources. Through Catch the Wind, RG&E is purchasing Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) on your behalf, which means you get to claim the environmental benefits of the renewable energy generation.

We will process your request, and Catch the Wind will appear on your bill within one to two billing periods. We will also send you a welcome email to confirm your program participation, as well as a yearly postcard sharing your personalized Catch the Wind impact report.

The monthly cost depends on the enrollment level you choose. The minimum enrollment level is 100 kWh (or $5 per month) and after that each block costs $2.50 per month. You can support as many 50 kilowatt-hour (kWh) blocks as you’d like, up to your home’s average monthly electricity usage. The Catch the Wind cost is in addition to your regular electric charges.

Catch the Wind money goes toward the purchase of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) from wind energy facilities in New York as well as toward program administration and marketing. RG&E does not profit from Catch the Wind.

A Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) represents the environmental benefit of one megawatt-hour of renewable energy being generated and delivered to the grid. To learn more about how RECs work, check out this video from the Center for Resource Solutions.

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