Excess flow valves

Excess flow valves

Natural gas is a clean and safe choice for your home or business.

What is an Excess Flow Valve?

In rare cases, careless excavation work can damage the natural gas lines that serve you. For added protection, installing an Excess Flow Valve (EFV) can shut off the flow of natural gas automatically if the line is damaged or broken. EFVs are not designed to shut off the flow of natural gas for low volume leaks or a faulty appliance.

Where are Excess Flow Valves used?

EFVs are only for services with an operating pressure greater than 10 psig and a total service load of 1,000 SCFH or less. Customer services where an EFV may be installed must be free of contaminants that could interfere with the operation of the device and where the device will not interfere with operation and maintenance activities of customer equipment and appliances. If these conditions are present, an EFV may be installed on your natural gas service line.

Costs and Installation

We will install an EFV on your service for the cost of installation at your request. The estimated cost for a typical installation ranges between $1,900 and $2,800, but the costs can vary considerably depending on each unique location.

EFV installation normally requires the excavation of the natural gas service line at the connection to the main, and a brief service interruption. Following the installation, we will relight your appliances and restore the excavation site. If you would like an EFV installed, we can schedule the work at your convenience.

We will be responsible to maintain or replace your device as needed in the future. The costs are paid by the customer, and will be based upon actual expense at the time additional service is performed. The estimate of these costs are considered equivalent to the installation cost.

Interested in installing an EFV?

Contact us at 800.743.2110 and select option 3, then option 3 again for New Construction or Upgrades to get started.

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