How to Become a Natural Gas ESCO

How to Become a Natural Gas ESCO

To be eligible to participate in the Gas Transportation Program, a Natural Gas energy services company (ESCO) must first apply to and meet the requirements of the Public Service Commission (PSC).

Contact the PSC at 518.486.2432.

Natural gas ESCOs that have been determined eligible by the PSC may then submit the required forms (see Natural Gas Supplier Service Qualification Steps below) to RG&E.

For more information, natural gas ESCOs may email Supplier Relations. For your convenience, the Gas Transportation Operating Procedures Manual is available online.

Natural Gas Supplier Service Qualification Steps

Natural Gas ESCOs interested in participating in RG&E's Natural Gas Transportation Program will need to work with RG&E to complete the following steps:

  1. Natural Gas ESCO satisfies eligibility criteria with the New York State Public Service Commission (NYSPSC).
  2. Natural Gas ESCO e-mails completed EDI Test Application, DSA, W9 and PSC Certification letter to more than 30 days prior to the start of the test batch. (Refer to forms )
  3. ESCO must be EDI Phase 1 certified
  4. Upon availability, Supplier Relations schedules ESCO for EDI testing (refer to EDI test schedules).
  5. Natural Gas ESCO e-mails remaining documents to no later than15 days prior to testing (refer to ESCO Qualification Checklist).
  6. Connectivity testing completed by our EDIOPs team prior to start of testing.
  7. RG&E Supplier Relations informs natural gas ESCO of security requirements, if applicable, to be collected prior to production.  
  8. EDI testing will be completed and a Trading Partner Agreement (TPA) will be executed.  The TPA must be fully signed by the ESCO & 3rd Party Provider (if applicable) & returned to Supplier Relations prior to production.
  9. Security deposit is collected if applicable.
  10. Production date is scheduled and production connectivity will be completed.
  11. RG&E posts the Natural Gas ESCO's company and contact information on the RG&E's web page.

(*Not applicable to Direct Customers.)


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