Natural Gas Suppliers

Natural Gas Suppliers

The suppliers listed below have natural gas supply offers for RG&E customers. Participating suppliers have met certain requirements set forth by the New York State Public Service Commission (PSC), the New York Independent System Operator (ISO, the group that operates the wholesale market) and RG&E. Some suppliers may not serve customers in  all geographic areas.

The suppliers listed below have natural gas supply offers for RG&E customers.

These ESCOs have been qualified as creditworthy by RG&E. This qualification by RG&E is not an endorsement of any particular supplier and RG&E makes no claim as to the supplier's performance, operations, affiliations, or any other aspect of their business. RG&E neither endorses nor rejects any supplier, and is not responsible for any actions or failure to perform by the suppliers listed below. These suppliers have also met the New York State Public Service Commission's requirements to offer natural gas service.

To enroll with a supplier, provide them with your Point of Delivery ID (Pod ID) found on the top of page three of your bill or login to see your PoD ID. Note: If you have both electricity and natural gas service, you will have a different PoD ID for each service.

For suppliers that offer Renewable Energy please refer to the PSC website.

We have assembled a suggested list of questions you may want to ask to your ESCO prior to enrollment.

R Residential
N Non-Residential includes: Small Non-Residential; Large Non-Residential; Public Authority
Natural Gas Suppliers Phone
Abest Green Power LLC (R,N) 888.987.6937
Aggressive Energy LLC (N) 888.836.9222
Agway Energy Services, LLC (R,N) 888.982.4929
Alpha Gas and Electric, LLC (R,N) 845.810.0088
American Power and Gas LLC (R,N) 800.205.7491
Approved Energy II LLC (R,N) 718.277.7683
Atlantic Energy LLC (R,N) 516.922.2070
Brown's Fuel Service (R,N) 855.276.9673
Citizens Choice Energy (R,N) 866.223.8882
Clearview Energy (R,N) 888.257.8439 or 888.CLR.VIEW
Columbia Utilities, LLC (R,N)   877.726.5862
Direct Energy Services LLC (R,N) 866.348.4194
Eligo Energy NY LLC (R,N) 888.744.8125
Empire Natural Gas Corporation (N) 888.659.8967
Energo Power & Gas LLC (R,N) 315.226.4477
Energy Cooperative of America (R,N) 800.422.1475
Energy Plus Natural Gas LLC (R,N) 877.320.0356
EnergyMark, LLC (R,N) 716.632.1800
Engie Power & Gas LLC (R,N) 855.327.6937
Family Energy Inc (R,N) 888.472.1085
Gateway Energy Services Corporation (R,N) 800.313.8333
Great American Gas & Electric, LLC (R,N) 866.269.9393
Greenlight Energy (R,N) 888.453.4427
Hudson Energy Services, LLC (R,N) 877.HUDSON9 or 877.483.7669
IDT Energy, Inc. (R,N) 877.887.6866
Just Energy New York Corp. (R,N) 866.587.8674
Kiwi Energy NY, LLC (R,N) 877.208.7636
Major Energy Services, LLC (R,N) 718.234.1262
Median Energy Corp (R,N) 888.316.5443
Mirabito Power & Gas, LLC (R,N) 866.614.9373
MPower Energy LLC (R,N) 877.286.7693
New Wave Energy LLC (R,N) 716.887.9700
New York Gas & Electric, Inc. (R,N) 888.947.7899
NOCO Natural Gas, LLC (R,N) 888.630.6626
Northeastern Power and Gas LLC (R,N) 929.506.1026
NRG Business Marketing LLC (N) 800.437.7265
NRG Retail Solutions (R,N) 855.500.8703
Pay Less Energy LLC (R,N) 866.753.3242
Polaris Power Services (R,N) 845.316.5800
Public Power, LLC (R,N) 888.354.4415
Residents Energy LLC  (R,N) 888.828.7374
SJ Energy Partners (R,N) 718.855.6060
SmartEnergy Holdings LLC (R,N) 800.443.4440
Sprague Energy Corporation (N) 603.430.5343
Stream Energy NY LLC (R,N) 866.447.8732
SunSea Energy, LLC (R, N 844.277.7517
UGI Energy Services, Inc. (R,N) 585.342.2130
Verde Energy USA New York LLC (R,N) 800.388.3862
Viridian Energy PA LLC (R,N) 866.663.2508
XOOM Energy New York LLC (R,N) 888.997.8979
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