Distributed Generation

Distributed Generation

We are committed to supporting distributed generation projects within our service area. Whether you are a customer considering distributed generation or you are an experienced contractor, we can help you learn more about distributed generation and guide you through the application process.

What is Distributed Generation?

Distributed generation is generally a small electrical production facility that provides electricity to a home or business, with excess electricity sold to a utility. These production facilities can generate electricity from a variety of energy sources, including wind, farm waste, water or sunlight.

Our customers can receive permission to connect their energy source to our electrical system and sell excess generation to us. To do so, customers, or their contractors, need to complete an application and follow a series of steps to ensure their system conforms to our standards and is safely connected.

What is Community Distributed Generation?

Community distributed generation allows an electrical production facility up to 5MW, such as a solar farm project, to share benefits through a subscription with residential and business participants who otherwise are not able to participate in solar benefits. Please visit our community distributed generation web page to learn more.

Distributed Generation Application Process

Application for interconnection of distributed generation can be submitted via our online portal. Once you have submitted an application, you can view your application online through a secure login ID and password.

Want to generate your own electricity?

Whether this is your first project or you are a seasoned professional, we can help you get connected!

We've included the information needed to set up either a small or large distributed generation project at your home or business location.

In the Spotlight

Encumbered Distributed Generation Queue Locations

The following locations currently have distributed generation queued in excess of the transmission system's capability to support.

Company Division Circuit Description
NYSEG Lockport 510 Chestnut Ridge
NYSEG Lancaster 520 Cobble Hill, S. Colden, Holland
NYSEG Lancaster 548 Cobble Hill
NYSEG Lancaster 500 Legion Drive, Dayton, Frog Valley
RG&E Genesee Valley 753 S158, S160, S184, S170, S8373, S8312, S8316, S8332, S8301
RG&E Genesee Valley 758 S180, S179, S171, S170, S8345, S7318, S7320, S9035
RG&E Genesee Valley 754 S180, S247, S163, S175, S249, S8303, S7313, S8327
RG&E Genesee Valley 760 S249, S176, S174, S178, S8210, S8379, S8333
RG&E Genesee Valley 755 S178, S173, S8375, S8376
NYSEG Hornell 546 Troupsburg, Woodhull, South Addison
NYSEG Ithaca 531 Candor, Willseyville, Brooktondale
NYSEG Ithaca 529 Candor
NYSEG Ithaca 530 Candor, Spencer, Van EttenTap, Halsey Valley Tap
NYSEG Binghamton 417/418 Willet, Marathon, Lisle Tap, Whitney Point
NYSEG Binghamton 422 Willet, Tarbell, Genegantslet Corners Tap
NYSEG Ithaca 524 Etna, Dryden, Cornell Farm, Harford Mills, Berkshire
NYSEG Binghamton 420 Greene, Green Muni
NYSEG Binghamton 426 Kattelville, Chenango Forks, Green, Greene Muni
NYSEG Liberty 349 Short Cut Rd, Fosterdale, Villa Roma Tap, Jeffersonville
NYSEG Elmira 508 Montour Falls, Watkins Glen Muni, Burdett, Valois
RG&E Lakeshore 804 S194, S198
NYSEG Elmira 598 Prattsburg, Pultney, Branchport
NYSEG Geneva 580 Bankert Rd, Palmyra
RG&E Genesee Valley 756 S158, S8377, S167
NYSEG Auburn 530 Jordan Rd, Warners, Whiting Rd Tap
NYSEG Binghamton 429 Afton
NYSEG Binghamton 460 Afton
NYSEG Binghamton 512 Apalachin, Main St, Hilton Rd, E. Marshland
NYSEG Binghamton 513 Owego Lower, Canal St. Bodle Hill Tap, Gaskill Rd, Foster Valley
NYSEG Binghamton 515 Lockheed Martin, Bodle Hill, Sanmina Tap
NYSEG Binghamton 516 Lockheed Martin
NYSEG Binghamton 540 Distribution (limited by transmission substation tranformer)
NYSEG Mechanicsville 626 Comstock, West Granville, Granville, Slateville Tap, Tiplady's Tap, New Salem
NYSEG Auburn 511 Marietta, Otisco
NYSEG Auburn 508 Marcellus
NYSEG Geneva 589 Hall, Gorham, Voak Rd Tap, Blodgett Rd Tap, Rushville
NYSEG Plattsburgh 513 Chateaugay, Constable Recloser
NYSEG Plattsburgh 514 Chateaugay, Prison Recloser, Bull Run Recloser, Town Garge Recloser
NYSEG Plattsburgh 515 Chateaugay, Chasm Hydro
RG&E Lakeshore 708 S189, S181
NYSEG Hornell 543 Canaserage, distribution out of Moraine Rd
NYSEG Elmira 535 North Urbana Tap, Fish Hatchery
NYSEG Elmira 501 Ridge Road, Cayuta
NYSEG Elmira 529 Ridge Road, Tuttle Place

This assessment is based on the existing transmission system, and the current SIR queue as of January 17, 2023.

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