In the Environment

In the Environment


RG&E and the Avangrid family are clean energy leaders in accelerating the sustainable energy transition in the United States.

To learn more about our actions and commitment to sustainable business practices, visit Avangrid SustainabilityReports.


Clean Energy Technologies


Clean Energy Technologies Why are we supporting these technologies?
Electric Vehicles Transportation accounts for around 30% of emissions. Electric vehicles are a key solution.
Electric Heating

Buildings account for around 30% of emissions. Electrification of heating is a key solution.

Clean Generation Increases the benefits from electrification. Also, fossil fuel combustion in generation accounts for around 15% of emissions.
Load Management Customer adoption of voluntary demand management technologies such as smart thermostats and managed EV charging is critical for helping to balance peak loads from new electrification and renewable resources such as wind and solar.



How We Are Supporting Clean Energy

Offering incentives for the adoption of electric vehicles, heat pumps, battery storage, and clean generation 

Investing in the grid to enable growth in the use of electricity

We are investing in upgrades and technology to ensure the power grid can withstand higher energy demand, increasingly severe storms and weather events, and the integration of renewable energy into our energy mix.

Climate Change Vulnerability Study and Climate Change Resiliency Plan

Building a smarter grid through integration of New Grid Connected Resources

We are leveraging the latest technology to build a smarter grid to efficiently support growth from beneficial electrification.

Leading by example at Avangrid

  • 44% of the energy used in our corporate buildings is renewable
  • More than 11% of our fleet has been converted to clean energy alternative vehicles
  • 924 devices recycled, resulting in 1,931 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions reduced and 4,952 trees planted


Our Clean Energy Record

RG&E and its parent company Avangrid are major contributors to New York’s clean energy transition.  

Upgrading our substations

Making wind and solar energy

With upgrades to substations across our service divisions, the companies are implementing long-term improvements to provide efficient and reliable energy for New York’s clean energy future. Avangrid, with its collection of 70 wind and solar onshore projects, produces over 8,800 Megawatts of power to supply energy for 2.8 million homes throughout the U.S.

Generating offshore wind

Creating hydropower

Avangrid is also building the first commercial offshore wind farm in the nation with 62 wind turbines that will generate 806 Megawatts, enough to power more than 400,000 homes and businesses. RG&E maintains three hydro facilities that contribute to distribution across our service territories. 

Offering clean heat incentives

Advancing whole home electrification

In one of RG&E’s largest projects in its Clean Heat Program, the Company provided more than $400,000 in geothermal incentives to Home Leasing, which supports residential and commercial clean heating and cooling solutions. The project uses geothermal heat pumps to efficiently heat and cool apartment units at the former Hickey Freeman building in Rochester.

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To learn more about our NYS Clean Heat Rebate Program and clean heat incentives,
click here.

RG&E used a non-pipes alternative (NPA) solution in Irondequoit, NY to realize Avangrid’s first Whole Home Electrification Program project. The project, in RG&E’s service area, resulted in the removal of 119 feet of leak-prone gas main to achieve electrification of three homes via an NPA solution.


The objective of the Whole Home Electrification Program is to target leak-prone main replacement projects where feasible and achieve full electrification of buildings located in these areas to enable retirement of the impacted section of gas main.

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Environmental Stewardship

We conduct our business and facility operations in a manner that minimizes adverse environmental impacts on present and future generations. We are committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions across our operations. One way to help us with this goal is to participate in our Catch the Wind program. 

Learn more about our support of Wildlife Rehabilitation Centers and our efforts to improve Butterfly Habitats across upstate NY.

Click here to learn more about RG&E and the Avangrid family's commitment to our natural world.


Safeguarding our Environment

We always seek to safeguard the environment and reduce our carbon footprint, creating a sustainable community for everyone. One way we do that is through our Environmental Remediation Projects.

Ongoing projects include:


Environmental Disclosure

We provide environmental information regarding the electricity supply purchased on your behalf.


Environmental Policies

RG&E and the Avangrid family of companies are committed to environmental stewardship and sustainable business practices. Click here to view the most recent environmental and climate action policies in effect. 

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