Municipal Street Lighting Services

Municipal Street Lighting Services

All streetlights eventually wear out and must be replaced. As of January 1st, 2022, RG&E began replacing all current streetlights with LEDs for our streetlight customers. This allows RG&E to transition all streetlights to LED technology for customers who have not already converted. The conversion to LED lights will benefit you through lower utility bills, the environment by reducing energy use, and the Company through extended operational life and reduced maintenance.

Please email with any questions about streetlights or the types of service that we offer.

Types of Service That We Offer

Service Class 1 – Street Lighting Service

The street lighting equipment is owned and maintained by RG&E.

Service Class 2 – Street Lighting Service, Customer Owned Equipment

The street lighting equipment including wire, bracket, luminaire, and street lighting standard, is installed, owned and maintained by the customer. RG&E provides energy only.


  • Lamp Types: Customers may install a lamp type not listed in the tariff provided the customer provides the necessary fixture specifications to RG&E to allow RG&E to calculate the wattage and billing kW.
  • Customer lights must be installed in accordance with the RG&E Energy Only Streetlight Standards here:
    • Pole Attachments: Customers are permitted to install lights on existing RG&E wood poles along public streets, roads, alleys, and highways if determined feasible by RG&E and in accordance with the Standards. Customers must enter into an Attachment Agreement with RG&E. A monthly pole attachment charge per mast arm or bracket will be charged to the customer.
    • In-line Disconnecting Device: Customers must install an in-line disconnecting device equipped with over-current protection in accordance with the SC2 Streetlight Standards.
    • Ownership Identification: Customers must provide identification of streetlight equipment as specified in the Standards.
  • Fees: The customer is responsible for all fees at each electrical connection point for:
    • Connections, disconnections, reconnections
    • Secondary wire and installation if needed to provide service
    • Transformer and installation if needed to provide service

Please consult RG&E’s tariff for complete details regarding energy only service and customer requirements.

For more information about LED Conversions and Municipal Street Lighting Services, please send an email to

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