Retail Products Program

Retail Products Program

Instant Discounts at Retail

Instant Discounts at RetailSwitching to more efficient products for your home is easy to do without sacrificing performance, features, or comfort. And now, even more instant rebates are available at a store near you. No need to save your receipt or fill out a rebate form after your purchase. The instant discount is automatically applied at the cash register. Just look for stickers that look like this at most retailers where you shop.

We work with retailers and manufacturers to promote and discount efficient, more environmentally friendly products for your home including air purifiers, dehumidifiers, and more. Today, most home improvement stores and some thrift and dollar stores across our service area carry a range of these products.

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Get to know about our discounted products:



Insulation Spray Foam 

Good insulation impacts the amount of energy your home uses for heating and cooling. So, seal off cracks and gaps with insulating spray foam for an airtight, weather-resistant seal. 


Use expanding caulk to seal the openings around plumbing and vent pipes, electrical wires, gaps in flooring and more! When the caulk is dry, cover the area again with insulation, as is possible, for the best results.

Door Sweeps 

Sealing your door with a door sweep can help minimize drafts and help you maintain the temperatures you’ve set with your thermostat. Think of the energy savings! A door sweep can also prevent pests, dust, and rain from entering through gaps, and even minimize odors and noise from outside.


Regulate the temperatures in your home by minimizing heat losses and gains through walls, floors, ceilings, or attics. Batt and roll insulation provides a versatile and effective solution to improve the energy efficiency of your home.

Pipe Wrap

Easily installed, pipe wrap provides insulation to prevent heat gains and losses, protect against freezing, while reducing condensation and annoying plumbing noise!


Replacing single-pane windows with ENERGY STAR®certified windows may lower household energy bills up to 13 percent*. Sit comfortably near your windows even during winter – watch the snow outside but be warm inside!

Window Insulation Kits

Easy to install (with a home hair dryer!), these kits provide an affordable, effective solution to drafty windows. By keeping the cold air out during the winter months, you can lower your energy use and costs.

Water Savings Kits

Showering is one of the leading ways we use water in our homes. Just upgrading to WaterSense labeled showerheads could help you save 2,700 gallons of water per year.** These water saving kits that include faucet aerators too and help you to conserve even more water.

Outlet and Switch Gaskets

Did you know that the electrical sockets and switch plates on exterior walls can be a source of drafts? Outlet and switch gaskets fit snuggly behind the faceplate to prevent air leaks through electrical receptables for energy savings all year. 


ENERGY STAR®certified dehumidifiers use more efficient refrigeration coils, compressors, and fans to remove the same amount of moisture as a similarly sized conventional unit and so, use nearly 13% less energy. In fact, the annual energy saved by one of these models could power your ENERGY STAR®certified refrigerator for nearly two months.*

Air Purifiers 

Removing fine particles such as dust and pollen from your space can be made possible using an ENERGY STAR®certified air purifier. ENERGY STAR®certified air purifiers are 25% more energy-efficient than standard models providing $15 in annual savings.* 


With LED nightlights, bring safety, security and convenience to any room while keeping energy use down. Little fingers are safe too because LEDs stay cool to the touch. 

Advanced Power Strips 

Built-in features allow you to reduce the amount of energy used by the electronics you connect to it. You can significantly cut the amount of electricity used by your home office and entertainment devices and save money on energy bills. Remember if devices are plugged in, they will continue to use energy. But advanced power strips can cut off the power to those not in use. 

For all of these products, just look for our reduced pricing signs at most retailers where you shop!


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