Energizing Agriculture

Agriculture is big business in New York.

New York ranks third in the nation in milk, snap bean, wine and grape juice production, and we’re second in cabbage, maple syrup and apple production. We process more milk into cottage cheese than any other state, and support a thriving greenhouse industry.

RG&E is working to strengthen and sustain New York’s agricultural economy.  We provide expert energy advice to our farm customers regarding cutting edge technologies that help boost efficiency, profitability and good environmental stewardship.  These technologies — and others like them to come — represent RG&E's ongoing commitment to agriculture.

Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA)

CEA is an innovative greenhouse cultivation program that uses computerized environmental controls for year-round, high-yield greenhouse horticulture and floriculture cultivation. Underwritten in part by RG&E at Cornell University, the program is designed to increase area farm efficiencies and profitability by allowing growers to produce food and flowers — pesticide free — for 12 months a year.


One of the fastest growing agricultural sectors in the United States, aquaculture promises to create an important new revenue source for New York State farmers. Research at Cornell University has helped to put New York State growers on the leading edge of fish farm production techniques.

Long-Day Lighting

Research at numerous universities has shown that exposing production dairy cows to uniform light for 16 hours per day and then providing eight hours of darkness may increase milk production by 5% to 8% or more. RG&E's staff can provide lighting information complete with operating cost estimates for any dairy farm customer.

Tunnel Ventilation

The latest in barn cooling technology, this fan-based system offers an effective, energy-efficient way to control summer barn temperatures. The system improves cow and operator comfort, and increases milk production for less energy cost than conventional fan systems. RG&E's staff can provide ventilation information for any farm customer.


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