Electric Vehicle Charger Make-Ready Program

The EV Charger Make-Ready Program offers rebates to business and municipal customers who install EV chargers. The purpose of these rebates are to offset construction costs associated with the electrical infrastructure (make-ready) required to support L2 and DCFC chargers. You may be eligible for up to 100% of your make-ready costs. Please download and read the Participant Guide for more information. 

Applying is easy! Use our online third-party portal to apply. Setting up an account offers you the opportunity to submit your project application(s), check your application status, view notifications and see program status in one easy to use portal. On your first visit you will be prompted to set up an account with a user email and password to enhance your personal experience.  

PLEASE NOTE: If you are registering for the first time please register under the Customer/Representative option.

Get Started – Apply Now!

For questions concerning the EV Charger Rebate Program please email evmr@franklinenergy.com.

View our Implementation Plan

Incentives and Eligibility

View our brochure for more information about the EV Make-Ready Program including incentives, eligibility requirements, and an overview of the process.

EV Make-Ready Program Approved Contractor List and Application

In order to qualify for available rebates, make-ready work must be performed by a contractor which is approved by the Joint Utilities of New York.

View the Joint Utilities List of Approved Contractors

To become an approved contractor, please complete and submit the contractor application form located on the Joint Utilities website

Disadvantaged Communities

Disadvantaged Communities in the EV Make-Ready Program are defined as areas that meet either of the two criteria listed below:

  1. Census block groups that meet the LMI Area Threshold (see below), that are also located within the DEC Potential Environmental Justice Areas
  2. New York State Opportunity Zones

    LMI Area Threshold: Top quartile of census block groups in New York, ranked by the percentage of LMI Households in each census block. For the purposes of the Make-Ready Program, LMI Households are defined as households with annual incomes at or below 50% of the Area Median Income of their Census block group.

The Area Median Income data source is 2011-2015 HUD estimates, found here.

Disadvantaged Communities Location Finder

EV Charger Developers and/or Site Hosts can determine if their prospect EV charging site is located with a Disadvantaged Community by typing the address of the site in the Location Finder Mapping Tool.

Finding the Right Location for DC Fast Charger Development

It’s critical to be informed when developing electric vehicle charging projects.  Understanding what potential sites have for estimated system capacity to sustain charging infrastructure makes investing in projects less costly. That’s why we are providing our electric vehicle load capacity mapping system for developers contractors and customers to be better informed when making site selections.