1. Eligible businesses must have a electricity demand of less than an average of 110 kilowatts (kW) per month.
  2. Enroll online by entering your account number below or call 877.359.9814 to schedule an appointment. Our representatives can check to be sure that you meet the program qualifications.
  3. Lime Energy, our approved program administrator, will perform an energy assessment and will immediately provide you with an energy report for your business.
  4. Along with reviewing the energy report, the Lime Energy representative will also provide a brief program overview and together you can review any benefits of installing energy efficient equipment.
  5. If you choose to move forward, Lime Energy will schedule a convenient time for an upgrade to take place.


Businesses with demand of less than an average of 110 kW per month can qualify for a free energy assessment and up to 70% of the cost of recommended equipment upgrades. You can see if your business is eligible to participate by either:

  • Entering your account number below or
  • By entering the name that appears on your bill and your ZIP code.



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