PSC 19 - Electricity

Table of Content

For your convenience, we have placed the entire Tariff online Part I and II and Part III Service Classifications.

Part I: Territory to Which Schedule Applies 

Part II:  Rules and Regulations 

  1. Definitions and Abbreviations
  2. How to Obtain Service
  3. Extension and Maintenance of Company Facilities to Serve Customer
  4. Metering and Billing
  5. Termination of Service
  6. Liability
  7. Application Forms
  8. Customer Inquiries and Complaints
  9. Interest on Customer Overpayments
  10. Distributed Generation Interconnection Requirements
  11. General Retail Access - Multi-Retailer Model
  12. Electricity Supply Pricing Option Enrollments
  13. Wind Electric Service Option
  14. Solar Residential Electric Service Option
  15. Solar Non-residential Electric Service Option
  16. Farm Waste Electric Generating System Option
  17. Electric Hybrid Generating System Option 
  18. Micro-combined Heat and Power (MCHP) Service Option 
  19. Fuel Cell Residential Electric Service Option
  20. Micro-Hydroelectric Service Option 
  21. Compliance with Directives of the New York Independent System Operator ("NYISO")
  22. Compliance with Discontinuance Directives from the NY State Department of Transportation (DOT)
  23. Community Distributed Generation
  24. Rate Adjustment Mechanism (RAM)
  25. Clean Energy Standard (CES) Collection
  26. Value of Distributed Energy Resources (VDER)
  27. Uniform Business Practices – Distributed Energy Resource Providers
  28. Remote Net Metering
  29. Direct Current Fast Charging (DCFC) Surcharge
  30. Energy Storage Deployment Cost Recovery

Part III:  Service Classifications 

  1. Residential Service
  2. General Service - Small Use 
  3. General Service - 100 kW Minimum
  4. Residential Service Time-of-Use Rate
  5. Buy-back Service
  6. Area Lighting Service
  7. General Service - 12 kW Minimum 
  8. Large General Service - Time-of-Use Rate 
  9. General Service - Time-of-Use
  10. General Service - Individually Negotiated Contracts
  11. General Service - Economic Development 
  12. Reserved for Future Use
  13. Reserved
  14. Standby Service