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Thank you for contacting us!

Your request to Turn Service Off has been successfully submitted.

If a security deposit was required as a condition of service, and is still being held by RG&E, the amount will be applied to the final bill and/or transferred to toher RG&E accounts you may have in your name.

Winterize your property for cold weather protection!

If the electricity and/or natural gas service is turned off, you must protect your pipes from freezing by draining the water system and adding a nontoxic antifreeze (such as antifreeze for a recreational vehicle) to all traps, including toilets and sinks. Contract a licensed lumber to learn more about this important precaution.

Do you want to receive your final bill by email?

Sign up for eBill to pay your bill online and receive bill by email.

Moving to another location in RG&E's service area?

If you are moving to a location within RG&E's service area and you haven't already contacted us, you can submit your request to turn on service in the Account section of this website.

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