Beebee Station Remediation/Abatement and Demolition Project

  • Recycled and Waste Materials Removed - 16,600 tons as of Sept. 27, 2016

Project Status

Demolition of main plant buildings at Beebee Station is progressing and will continue into the 4th quarter of this year. Materials are being separated and reused and/or recycled. Once the building has been removed, site restoration, filling and grading, will commence and should be completed by the end of 2016, although reseeding may not occur until the spring of 2017.

Demolition Project Specifics

RG&E remains committed to completing this abatement and demolition work safely while paying particular attention to protecting the surrounding area. Prior to demolition, all hazardous materials and solid waste were removed from plant buildings and structures and disposed of per applicable regulations.

Except in the vicinity of the former Manufactured Gas Plant, old building foundations, underground trenches and ductwork will be removed to approximately three feet below final grade. RG&E will clean, breach and fill any structures located deeper in the ground. After demolition and remediation activities are completed, any disturbed areas will be covered with topsoil, re-graded and planted with a wildlife-friendly seed mixture. RG&E will repair/repave any remaining access roads, improve the site drainage, and install new fencing and lighting.

Future Plans

The electrical substation (Station 137), the hydroelectric generating facility (Station 2) and several other utility support facilities will remain and continue to function on the site after the project is complete. RG&E will continue to secure and maintain the property to support those ongoing operations, and the site will remain closed to the public.


NorthStar started work at the Beebee site in December 2014. The target for completing demolition is the end of 2016. Final site restoration is expected to occur during the spring of 2017.


Please contact RG&E at 877.387.9097 and leave a detailed message. A representative from the RG&E Beebee Station project team will return your call within three business days.

Project History

RG&E worked for nearly two years developing detailed project specifications and reviewing the qualifications of sixty-five potential contractors to ensure this work would be done safely and efficiently. NorthStar Demolition and Remediation was selected after extensive vetting. NorthStar is one of the largest power plant demolition contractors in the United States and very experienced in major demolition projects. Their winning bid provided the best value for our nearly 400,000 electric customers in the nine-county region we serve.

The design of the project addressed the aesthetic, environmental and public safety components unique to the Beebee site. There will be long-term health and safety benefits to the community from these improvements. The project is also producing millions of dollars of additional economic benefits through local employment and other spending associated with this work.

NorthStar's experienced project management team has overseen all phases of plant demolition and site restoration, including having the responsibility for hiring all subcontractors and suppliers for this project. Since the beginning of this and the companion Russell Station demolition project, NorthStar estimates that approximately 55% of its workers live in Monroe County, and that these local employees have worked over 157,000 hours safely.

RG&E has hired the LiRo Group as the Construction Manager for this project. LiRo continues to oversee all day-to-day activities, including independent community air monitoring, at the site during the abatement, demolition and restoration process. RG&E is confident the LiRo/NorthStar team will continue to manage all aspects of the project safely and efficiently to the benefit of our communities and customers.

Beebee Station History

The Beebee Station was developed in the late 1800s and used until 1999 as a coal and oil fired electrical generating plant. The station - named for former RG&E CEO Alexander M. Beebee - generated electricity from various units for the Rochester region throughout that period. The Beebee Station Site is approximately 18.3 acres in size, although only about 8 acres is being disturbed by the project. Part of the Site also includes a separate former Manufactured Gas Plant location. The subsurface in this area is being investigated and will be remediated as a separate action.

Project Reference Materials


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