Circuits 759 - 740 Cable Replacement

Circuits 759 - 740 Cable Replacement

Circuits 759 - 740 Cable Replacement

Reliability Upgrades

As part of our commitment to provide safe, reliable service to all of our customers, Rochester Gas & Electric (RG&E) is updating our delivery system in our service areas. While we are investing in upgrades to meet the community’s growing energy demands, we are working closely with our neighbors to ensure that all improvements are performed safely and with minimal disruption to the environment and the communities we serve.

Project Scope

The Circuit 759 Rebuild:

  • Replace 1.65 miles of old electric aerial cable and underground.
  • Install 250 feet of overhead cable and ~1.64 miles of new electric underground.
  • Impacted areas in Penfield include Penfield Road, Panorama Trail, Old Shadow Pines Golf Course, Whalen Road, Five Mile Line Road and Sawmill Drive.

The Circuit 740 Rebuild:

  • Replace 0.75 miles of old electric aerial cable.
  • Install 0.5 miles of new overhead cable and 0.25 miles of new underground.
  • Impacted areas in East Rochester and Perinton include Despatch Drive, North Washington Street, West Maple Avenue, Main Street, East Maple Avenue and Marsh Road.
  • Efforts to mitigate the temporary and minor
  • construction- related traffic issues expected during the project period.

Construction Timeline and Anticipated Schedule

  • Inital Fieldwork: COMPLETED

  • Construction Start: Q4 2019

  • Estimated Completion/In-Service Date: Q4 2020

Fact Sheet

To view the Circuits 759 - 740 Cable Replacement Fact Sheet click here .


Please contact the Circuits 759 - 740 Cable Replacement Project Information Line at 888-553-5411 and leave a detailed message. A representative from the project team will return your call within three business days.

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