Circuit 813 Project

Circuit 813 Project

Reliability Upgrades

As part of our commitment to provide safe, reliable service to all our customers, Rochester Gas and Electric Corporation (RG&E), in conjunction with our parent company – AVANGRID, is updating the delivery system in our service areas. These upgrades comply with new electric transmission reliability requirements.

While making investments to meet the community’s growing energy demands, we are working closely with our neighbors to ensure that all improvements are performed with minimal disruption to the environment and the communities we serve.

Project Purpose and Need            

Aging infrastructure, recent outages, and redundancy limitations have highlighted the need to install a new 3.5-mile line referred to as Circuit 813. This transmission line goes through the Towns of Brighton, Penfield and Pittsford, the Village of East Rochester, and the City of Rochester.

The first phase of construction in this large-scale overarching project will be focused on the portion of the line that runs from Station 42, located on Yarmouth Road in the City of Rochester, to Station 62 on North Washington Street in the Village of East Rochester. RG&E has had several outages on adjacent circuits in recent years impacting both customers and local businesses.

The comprehensive circuit spans the region from East Rochester to Brighton. The red line on the map indicates the areas impacted by the upgrade project. This infrastructure enhancement will improve the overall resiliency of the entire system while simultaneously modernizing the circuit’s components.

Project Scope

  • New Underground Circuit 813 from Station 42 to Station 62.
    • New conduit subway system in CSX ROW, as well as on Linden Avenue and near Station 62 (Apple Street and Walnut Street).
    • New Underground Circuit 813 cable.
    • New parallel Fiber Optic ADSS cable.
  • Station 42
    • New Line terminal bay for Circuit 813 at Station 42
    • Replacement of existing circuit breakers
    • Associated Protection, Control, and communications upgrades.
  • Station 420
    • New Motor Operated Disconnect (MOD) Switch
    • Associated Protection, Control, and communications upgrades.
  • Station 62
    • Existing building upgrades to support new electrical equipment.
    • Rebuild/reconfigure the 34.5kV yard as a new MV GIS in the upgraded building.
    • Removal of 34.5kV AIS equipment in the substation yard.
    • Associated Protection, Control, and communications upgrades.
  • Minor transmission outages are possible but contingency service to customers will be provided by other sources during the switchover.

To view the Circuit 813 Fact Sheet, click here .

For more information or questions

Please contact the Projects Information Line at 1-888-553-5411 and include the name of the project – Circuit 813 – with your detailed message.  A representative from the project team will return your call within three (3) business days.

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