Selecting A Contractor

Selecting A Contractor

Choose a Contractor Who is Right for You

  1. Look for prompt, courteous contractors who are willing to spend time with you to understand what you want out of your project.
  2. Get at least three estimates. Ask for written proposals, proof of proper licensing and proof of insurance (workman's compensation and liability).
  3. Ask the contractor for references and ask how much experience installers have on the equipment or appliances they will be installing.
  4. If you are planning a project that involves heating or cooling equipment, the contractor should calculate heat loss or heat gain to ensure the equipment is sized properly.
  5. Where applicable, talk with your contractor about the efficiency rating of equipment or appliances and what different ratings mean in annual operating costs.  

For Emergencies, Call RG&E. Need Service? Call a Contractor.

Remember, for natural gas or carbon monoxide emergencies, call RG&E anytime at 800.743.1702. For all non-emergency natural gas services such as those listed below, contact trained, certified equipment and appliance professionals.

  • Furnace problems, low or no heat
  • Stove and/or oven problems
  • Second opinions on recommended work
  • Safety inspections
  • Dryer problems
  • No hot water
  • Heating, air conditioning or appliance repair

protect your home

Before selecting a home improvement contractor, get tips from the New York State Attorney General's website.

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