Line Extensions

Line Extensions

Costs and Considerations

This document summarizes RG&E’s policies and procedures regarding new line extensions for electricity service. Detailed information is available in RG&E’s filed tariff  PSC No. 19 . This information is intended to help contractors and customers determine the cost of obtaining new electricity service when purchasing property to build a home or business. If a prospective customer owns the property and meets the definition of permanency, there is no charge for the initial quote. If these conditions are not met, RG&E will provide a quote for $175.


Customers may receive up to 500 feet of single-phase or 300 feet of three-phase overhead electric distribution line along the road, per premises, free of charge. In addition, residential customers may receive up to 100 feet of overhead electric service line, per premises, free of charge.


Customers contribute to the cost of construction for any distance beyond the free allowance, and for the cost difference between overhead and underground service if the customer chooses underground service. Residential customers may choose a 10-year payment  plan (presently at 12.45% interest, if credit qualified) when a contribution of more than $1,000 is required.

Contribution Refunds

If a line extension was originally a distribution line, or becomes a distribution line within 10 years, contributions received toward construction of the line may be refunded in whole or in part as additional new customers take service from that line. 

Contribution Amount 

Please view our  Pricing and Tariffs section  to learn more about customer contribution amounts. Also, view our current contribution information on file.

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