Giving Back 
environmental disclosure
  • Your electricity supplier is required by the New York State Public Service Commission (PSC) to provide you with periodic environmental disclosure information on fuel sources and air emissions for the electricity supply purchased on your behalf. This information is the most recent data provided by the PSC.
  • If you receive your electricity supply from RG&E, your environmental disclosure information is published periodically below and in EnergyLines, RG&E's bill insert.
  • If you receive your electricity supply from a supplier other than RG&E and your supplier’s charges are included in your RG&E bill, your supplier’s environmental disclosure is published periodically as a separate bill insert with your RG&E bill. 
  • If you buy electricity from a supplier other than RG&E, and are billed directly by your supplier, you should receive environmental disclosure information from your supplier.
  • For more information on environmental disclosure, contact the New York Public Service Commission at 1.888.Ask.PSC1 (1.888.275.7721).