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benefits of natural gas

Here are just a few benefits of natural gas:

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More than 90% of our natural gas is produced in North America, including wells right here in New York.

Natural gas is always there when you need it - delivered safely and reliably by NYSEG.

With today's high efficiency gas appliances, you are doing your part to help conserve our natural resources.

Environmentally Friendly
Natural gas is the cleanest burning of all fossil fuels and there is no need to worry
about spills.

Natural gas is a convenient, versatile and an environmentally friendly fuel. It’s no wonder that natural gas appliances increase the value of a home. From cozy natural gas fireplaces to worry-free natural gas heating systems to an endless supply of hot water from a tankless natural gas water heater, natural gas has it covered.



did you know? 

Natural gas is one of the cleanest burning fuels available and produces less greenhouse gasses than other fossil fuels.  View the U.S. Dept. of Energy's Web site to learn more about the benefits of natural gas.