Usage and Safety 
trees and power lines

Taking care of trees and power lines go hand-in-hand

We are proud to provide reliable, essential electricity service. When service is interrupted, it is most often due to a tree contacting power lines. To minimize interruptions, we prune and remove trees and vegetation in our rights of ways and encourage planting the right tree in the right place. Learn more below and learn how protect trees by visiting the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation Web site and our "in the spotlight" links.

Trees and Transmissions Lines

Trees or branches on power lines are to blame for many transmission outages.

Tree Removal Policy

We prune and sometimes remove trees and vegetation that could come into contact with our power lines.

Maintaining System Reliability

We clear vegetation around thousands of miles of power lines to maintain reliability.

Plant the Right Tree

To minimize the chance of tree-related power interruptions it’s best to avoid planting new trees under power lines. Consider these alternatives.