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Flooding: What to Do About Electricity and Natural Gas Service

Rochester, NY, March 15, 2007 – When flooding is about to occur or has already occurred at
your home or business, it’s important to take a moment to consider the impact flood waters may have on
your electricity and natural gas service. Taking appropriate actions can help ensure your safety and
lessen potential damage to your property.

If flooding of your home or business is about to occur or has already occurred, call your
electricity and natural gas companies to turn off your service. You should never attempt to turn off
electricity or natural gas service yourself.

NYSEG and RG&E remind customers:
If you smell natural gas, get up, get out and call your natural gas company from another
location. Do not light matches, use any electrical appliances, turn lights on or off, or use the
phone in your home or building – these may produce sparks.

  • Never enter a flooded basement. Energized wiring or outlets below the water line may pose a
  • Stay away from downed power lines. Even lines that appear “dead” can be deadly.
  • Flooding often weakens trees. Falling trees or tree limbs often take electric lines down with
    them. Avoid trees that have fallen in the vicinity of power lines.

To have electricity and natural gas service restored once flood waters have receded:

  • For electricity service: Contact an electrician to check your home or business to make sure that
    it is safe to have your electricity service turned on and then contact your electricity company.
  • For natural gas service: If the meter and/or regulator were under water, you need to first contact
    your natural gas company. If any of your natural gas equipment (furnace, boiler, water heater,
    etc.) has been under water, you need to contact a plumbing and heating contractor to have them
    checked. Then you can contact your natural gas company to request that service be restored.
    NYSEG’s customer service number is 1.800.572.1111. To report electric emergencies and power
    interruptions, NYSEG customers should call 1.800.572.1131; to report natural gas emergencies,

RG&E’s customer service number is 1.800.743.2110. To report electric emergencies and power
interruptions, RG&E customers should call 1.800.743.1701; to report natural gas emergencies,


About NYSEG and RG&E: NYSEG and RG&E are subsidiaries of Energy East Corporation [NYSE:EAS],
a super-regional energy services and delivery company in the Northeast. NYSEG serves 860,000
electricity customers and 254,000 natural gas customers across more than 40% of upstate New York.
RG&E serves 359,000 electricity customers and 296,000 natural gas customers in a nine-county region
centered on the City of Rochester. By providing outstanding customer service and meeting customers’
energy requirements in an environmentally-responsible manner, NYSEG and RG&E will continue to be
valuable assets to the communities they serve. For more information, visit nyseg.com and rge.com.