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Rate Filing

Compliance Filing

June 30, 2016

In compliance with the New York State Public Service Commission Order Approving Electric and Gas Rate Plans in Accord with Joint Proposal (the "Order"), issued and effective June 15, 2016.  The tariff schedules and statements attached are to become effective July 1, 2016.  The applicability of the rate plan provisions for NYSEG and RG&E are governed by the Joint Proposal ("JP") and associated Appendices as approved and modified in the Commission's Order.

>> Filing Cover Letter

>> PSC No. 16

>> PSC No. 18

>> PSC No. 19



Joint Proposal
February 19, 2016
>>Joint Proposal

RG&E Rate Filing
May 20, 2015
Rochester Gas and Electric Corporation
Case No. 15-E-0285 and 15-G-0286


Rochester Gas & Electric Corporation
Direct Testimony

>>News Release Issued on May 20, 2015

>>Cover Letter to the PSC

>>Tariff Filing Letter


Electric Filing Leaves

Natural Gas Filing Leaves


Witness Testimony Exhibits - NYSEG and RG&E - May 20, 2015 

Panel Name 




 Policy Panel Steve Adams, Joe Syta Policy Panel Testimony - FINAL 5202015.pdf

Policy Panel Exhibits - FINAL 5202015.pdf 

Revenue Requirements Panel Steve Adams, Joe Syta, Peter Cohen, Fausto Gentile, Maureen Gray Revenue Requirements Panel Testimony - Final 5202015.pdf

Revenue Requirements Panel Exhibits - Final 5202015.pdf 

REV Panel

Jeff Ballard, Joe Syta, Laney Brown, Linda Saalman

Reforming the Energy Vision Panel Testimony - SECOND FINAL REVISED.pdf

Reforming the Energy Vision Panel Exhibits - Final 5202015.pdf 

Electric CapEx Panel Javier Bonilla, Frank Reynolds, Jeff McKinney, Art Kruppenbacher, Ellen Miller, Laney Brown, Hugh Ives Electric and Hydro Capial Expenditures Panel Testimony Final 5202015.pdf

 Electric and Hydro Capital Expenditures Panel Exhibits - Final 5202015.pdf

Gas CapEx Engineering, Delivery and Operation Panel Javier Bonilla, Mike Eastman, Dennis Bender, Greg George

Gas EDO Panel Testimony RGE - Final 5202015.pdf 

 Gas EDO Panel Exhibits RGandE - Final 5202015.pdf

Emergency Preparedness / Storm

Jim Salmon, Judy Schroeder

Emergency Preparedness Panel Testimony - Final 5202015.pdf

Emergency Preparedness Panel Exhibits - Final 5202015.pdf 

Vegetation Management Bill Ransom, Wes Davis, Paul Appelt, J.M. Sparkman Vegetation Management Panel Testimony - Final 5202015.pdf

Vegetation Management Panel Exhibits - Final 52015.pdf

Electric Reliability & Operations Panel Keri Glitch, Hugh Ives, Walt Matyjas, Bill Ransom, Judy Schroeder

Electric Reliability and Operations Panel Testimony Final 5202015.pdf 

Electric Reliability and Operations Panel Exhibits - Final 5202015.pdf 

Management Audit Panel Joe Syta, Linda Saalman, Gary Dunkleberger Management Audit Panel Testimony - FINAL 5202015.pdf Management Audit Panel Exhibits - Final 5202015.pdf

Workforce/Compensation/Benefits Panel

Sheri Lamoreux Susan Greenberg, John Norman, Chad Scoma Workforce Panel Testimony - Final 5202015.pdf

Workforce Panel Exhibits - Final 5202015.pdf 

Electric Supply & Natural Gas Supply and Expansion Panel Mark Beaudoin, Lori Cole, Jeffrey Converse, Patrick Fox, David Gridley, David Kimiecik Electric Supply Gas Supply Panel Testimony - Final 5202015.pdf

Electric-Gas Supply Exhibits - Final 5202015.pdf 

Customer Service / Retail Access Panel Carl Taylor, Terry VanBrooker, Marc Webster, Mark Beaudoin, Joni Fish-Gertz Customer Services Energy Efficiency and Retail Access Panel Testimony - Final 5202015.pdf

Customer Services Energy Efficiency and Retail Access Panel Exhibits - Final 5202015.pdf 

Revenue Allocation / Rate Design / Tariff Panel Patricia Beaudoin, Lori Cole, Mark Marini, Brian McNierney, Susan Morien, Joseph Rizzo, Carolyn Sweeney, James Simpson Revenue Allocation Rate Design Economic Development and Tariff Panel Testimony - Final 5202015.pdf

Revenue Allocation Rate Design Economic Development and Tariff Panel Exhibits - Final 5202015.pdf

Embedded Cost of Service Panel David Heintz

David A Heintz ECOS Testimony - Final 5202015.pdf 

David A Heintz-ECOS Exhibits - Final 5202015.pdf 

 Marginal Cost of Service Panel  Amparo Nieto Amparo Nieto MCOS RGE Testimony - Final 5202015.pdf Amparo Nieto-MCOS RGandE Exhibits - Final 5202015.pdf
Credit Ratings / Return on Equity / Cost of Capital  Ann Bulkley (Consultant) Ann E Bulkley Testimony - Final 5202015.pdf Ann E Bulkley Exhibits - Final 5202015.pdf
 Depreciation Study  John Spanos (Consultant) John J Spanos RGE Depreciation Testimony Final 5202015.pdf John J Spanos - RGandE Depreciation Exhibits - Final 5202015.pdf