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municipal streetlighting

RG&E offers street, highway, roadway or other outdoor lighting for municipalities across its service territory. The available types of service are outlined below.

Types of Service

Service Class 1 – Street Lighting Service
The street lighting equipment is owned and maintained by RG&E.

Service Class 2 – Street Lighting Service, Customer Owned Equipment
The street lighting equipment including wire, bracket, luminaire and street lighting standard, is installed, owned and maintained by the customer. RG&E provides energy only.


  • Lamp Types - customers may install a lamp type not listed in the tariff provided the customer provides the necessary fixture specifications to RG&E to allow RG&E to calculate the wattage and billing kw.
  • Customer lights must be installed in accordance with the RG&E Energy Only Streetlight Standards here. 
    • Pole Attachments - Customers are permitted to install lights on existing RG&E wood poles along public streets, roads, alleys and highways if determined feasible by RG&E and in accordance with the Standards. Customers must enter into an Attachment Agreement with RG&E. A monthly pole attachment charge per mast arm or bracket will be charged to the customer.
    • In-line Disconnecting Device - Customers must install an in-line disconnecting device equipped with over-current protection in accordance with the SC2 Streetlight Standards.
    • Ownership Identification - Customers must provide identification of streetlight equipment as specified in the Standards.
  • Fees - The customer is responsible for all fees at each electrical connection point for:
    • Connections, disconnections, reconnections 
    • Secondary wire and installation if needed to provide service
    • Transformer and installation if needed to provide service
  • Please consult RG&E’s tariff for complete details regarding energy only service and customer requirements.


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