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facing an energy emergency?

HEAP and EAP can help

Regular HEAP opened November 14, 2016.

The Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) is a federal grant program that assists income eligible households in paying for energy costs, repairs and weatherization. Income eligible customers may receive one regular HEAP benefit per season. In addition to regular HEAP, households may also be eligible for emergency HEAP benefits. The number of benefits varies per season depending on the availability of funds. The 2016-2017 HEAP season opened November 14, 2016. Emergency HEAP opens January 3, 2017. Both programs will close when funds are exhausted.

The Department of Social Services will accept applications on or after those dates. Please be aware that due to reduced funding, HEAP grants may be smaller and more limited than in the past. For more information, or visit Customers can also log onto to apply.

With HEAP comes EAP – RG&E’s Energy Assistance Program!
Our Energy Assistance Program (EAP) is designed to help eligible customers gain control of their energy bills. The program has two levels of assistance: EAP Monthly Bill Credit Benefit and EAP Limited Benefit Arrears Forgiveness.

EAP Monthly Bill Credit Benefit
EAP monthly bill credits are available automatically to any customer who has a HEAP grant applied directly to an active RG&E account. Once enrolled a credit will be listed as a line item on your regular RG&E bill. If HEAP is supplied to another fuel vendor you must provide us with a copy of your HEAP award letter. Copies can be sent to us at the Energy Assistance Program, RG&E, 89 East Avenue, Rochester, NY 14649-0001. Or fax it to: 585.771.6383.

It's important to apply for HEAP each year. EAP monthly bills credits will continue only as long as RG&E or your other fuel vendor receives a HEAP grant every 12 months (and you provide us with proof of HEAP each heating season if the grant is supplied to another fuel vendor).

Customers enrolled in EAP are also referred to NYSERDA to determine eligibility for more energy saving measures.

EAP Limited Benefit Arrears Forgiveness
Space in the EAP Arrears Forgiveness Benefit is limited. Qualified households will be enrolled as space permits.

Benefits of Arrears Forgiveness:

  • Your past due account balance (arrears) is placed on hold at the time of enrollment.
  • Each time you pay your regular RG&E bill in full and on time, you will receive a credit (equal to 1/24th of the amount on hold) applied to the original balance.
  • If you miss three consecutive payments you will be permanently removed from the Arrear Forgiveness component of EAP. You will not be able to participate in the future.
  • Budget Billing is required to participate.