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New! RGE Alerts

New! RGE Alerts

Now you have an easy way to stay informed about your RG&E account. Sign up for RGE Alerts! You can choose which alerts you want to receive and how you want to receive them – by text message, email, phone, or all three.

Types of Alerts 

Outage Alerts: Stay informed if the power goes out. Receive notifications with the latest information about your power outage, and we'll notify you: 

    • If we're tracking severe weather that could cause power outages in your area
    • If we detect a power outage in your area, with the estimated time
      we’ll have power restored
    • If the estimated restoration time changes
    • Once we have restored power in your area
    • We'll also notify you of any upcoming system improvements in  your area

Meter Read Reminder Alerts: Receive a bill based on actual energy usage each month. It's easy when you receive a convenient reminder on the months we're schedules to estimate energy usage. You can provide your meter readings: 

How it works:

Get started online

  • Log in to your online RG&E account, or simply create an account if you don’t have one

Choose the alerts you want and how you want to receive them

  • Enter your contact information for each of the alerts you'd like to receive
  •  Receive alerts by text message, email, voice message, or all three
  •  Add up to five contacts for each type of delivery method (text message, email and/or voice message)

Choose when you want to receive RGE Alerts

  • For Outage Alerts, you may select a  Do Not Disturb time if there are certain hours during the day that you don’t want to receive alerts.

Once you sign up

  • If you choose to receive alerts by text message, the first time  you add a cell phone number, you'll receive a text message asking to confirm your enrollment. Reply "Yes" to complete your enrollment and you're done! (You only need to do this onece per phone number)
  •  You can change your contact information or stop receiving alerts at any time

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Outage Alerts Benefits

Sign up for RGE Alerts and we'll notify you:

  • If we detect an outage at your location with the estimated time power will be restored
  • If the estimated restoration time changes
  • When power is restored


Meter Read Reminder Alerts Benefits

Sign up for RGE Alerts and
you will:

  • Receive a convenient reminder to provide a meter reading
  • Have a better understanding of your monthly energy usage
  • Receive an actual bill each month