Usage and Safety 
energy choice glossary of terms


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Backout Credit (Supply Adjustment)  
Based on the market price of electricity, it is applied against the RG&E fixed supply charge if you are enrolled with an energy services company (ESCO) under the ESCO Price Option with Supply Adjustment.

Customer Charge 
Includes a portion of the cost of the meter, meter reading, billing and part of the cost for delivery service. It will appear on your bill whether or not you use any energy during the
billing period.

Delivery Charge 
What you pay RG&E to transport electricity to you over our power lines. Our electricity delivery rates are fixed through 2009 and are the same for all electricity supply pricing options.

Energy Services Company (ESCO)  
An unregulated business that sells electricity or natural gas supply to end users. RG&E then delivers the electricity or natural gas to the end user.

Fixed Price 
A price that remains the same, usually for a set period of time.

Kilowatt-hour (kwh)  
The measure of the quantity of electricity you use. A kwh equals 1,000 watt-hours. One kwh equals the energy needed to operate a 100-watt light bulb for 10 hours.

Load Profile (Historical Usage Data)
Information on a customer’s energy usage over a period of time, sometimes shown in a graph format and typically reflects the last 13 months of recorded data.

Minimum Monthly Charge
Includes the cost of meter reading, billing, equipment and maintenance. This charge is part of the cost of providing service. It will appear on your bill whether or not you use any energy during the billing period.

New York Independent System Operator (NYISO)
The function of the NYISO is to coordinate the physical supply of electricity throughout New York State and maintain reliability of the bulk power system.

New York State Assessment
As required by state law, effective July 1, 2009, utilities must collect a special state assessment from all customers for the state’s general fund. This assessment, included in the delivery charge on your bill, amounts to an annual bill increase of approximately 2%. Utilities are required to collect this assessment through March 2014. 

New York State Public Service Commission (PSC)
The New York State Public Service Commission (PSC) is a state agency that regulates public utilities.

An amount approved by the Public Service Commission (PSC) which the utility uses to bill customers. Rates differ from one service classification to another.

Retail Access Credit
A fixed credit applied against your RG&E charges if you purchase your supply from an energy services company (ESCO).

Retail Access Surcharge
Collects from all customers the amount of retail access credits given to those customers who choose to receive their electricity supply from an energy services company (ESCO).

Service Classification (SC) 
RG&E's pricing for retail service is established by tariffs that are filed and approved by the Public Service Commission (PSC). The tariff establishes a range of service classifications (SC) based on customer size and other circumstances.

Supply Charge
The supply charge is what you pay for the electricity purchased for you by RG&E or an energy services company (ESCO).

Transition Charge 
The difference between the market price of electricity and the price of RG&E’s long-term electricity supply contracts (may be positive or negative).

Variable Price
A price that fluctuates depending on the wholesale price of electricity.