Usage and Safety 
plant the right tree

Plant the right tree. When power is interrupted during wind or ice storms, the problem is usually due to tree limbs breaking wires or causing short circuits. To minimize the chance of tree-related power interruptions it’s best to avoid planting new trees under power lines. If you have no other place for a tree and must plant near a line, there are many low-growing ornamental trees and shrubs that add beauty to your property and cause little or no interference with power lines.

For more information about planting trees, The Arbor Day Foundation is a great resource. Visit their Web site or call 1.888.448.7337.


did you know? 

Trees are the leading cause of  power interruptions, accounting for nearly half of
all interruptions.


when planting,

make sure you Dig Safe.


choose the right professional for trimming trees

We only clear trees, branches and vegetation near our electric lines. We do not prune around lines owned by cable or phone companies or remove vegetation that is not interfering with our lines. Never attempt to prune trees near power lines; leave that to professionals.