Usage and Safety 
distribution lines and trees

Removing Trees Near Distribution Lines
For distribution lines – the power lines that deliver electricity to homes and businesses – we may prune trees and vegetation or remove them depending on the situation. Any pruning we do follows American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards and Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) guidelines.

If you believe trees around utility lines need to be removed or pruned, we encourage you to be sure to call the right utility – RG&E, the cable provider or the telephone company. Vegetation on or near the electricity service wires leading to your home or business can be pruned by qualified tree contractors. Do not try this yourself – any tree pruning or removal is best handled by a professional.

To learn more about our pruning methods, visit and click on the “Usage and Safety” tab and then on “Electrical Safety.” You can also view our Tree and Vegetation Management information sheet.

Plan Before You Plant or Build
We encourage customers to consider the location of distribution lines when planting or doing
construction work. Visit for planting tips.

Our Tree Debris Removal Policy
During scheduled tree work in residential and landscaped areas, we chip and remove smaller branches and cut larger ones into easy-to-handle lengths to leave behind. When
customers request that we clear vegetation outside of our schedule or when we’re doing work in rural, non-landscaped areas, we leave the cut material behind. Following storms, our priority is to restore electricity service as quickly and efficiently as possible, so when we have to cut vegetation, we leave cut material behind in all cases.

For Your Safety:

  • After storms, never attempt to remove tree debris when downed power lines may be entangled in the debris.
  • Leave cutting and pruning of trees near power lines to professionals. A tree or limb that contacts a power line could be deadly.
  • Remind children not to climb trees near power lines.


did you know? 

Trees are the leading cause of  power interruptions, accounting for nearly half of
all interruptions.


when planting,

make sure you Dig Safe.