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Extra Fridge Means Extra Cash

RG&E Joins National Grid in Popular Refrigerator, Freezer Recycling Offer for Rochester Residents

WHO:             Rochester resident, Marianna Schuler

Dan Hucko, RG&E representative

Katie Fowler, National Grid representative

Sam Sirkin, JACO Environmental


WHAT:            Rochester Gas and Electric joins National Grid to kick off a newly expanded energy-saving program at the Schuler home, where Marianna’s old porch freezer will be picked up for free and recycled. In exchange, Schuler will not only save up to $150 a year through lower electrical bills, but also receive a $30 reward


WHEN:            10 a.m. Wednesday, May 11, 2011.


WHERE:         Schuler home, 27 Biltmore Drive, Rochester, 14617


VISUALS:        Workers taking Schuler’s freezer out of commission by cutting its power cord and rubber gasket seal, disabling the thermostat and marking the unit with an “X” before loading it into a truck for transportation to a recycling facility.


WHY:               Research has shown that most second refrigerators and freezers were built before current energy-efficiency standards went into effect and use as much as three times the energy of newer models. Consequently, these appliances consume significant amounts of energy for what, in many cases, is very limited use in homes today. Removing an old refrigerator or freezer can save up to $150 annually for the customer. The avoided carbon dioxide emissions from the recycling of each refrigerator has about the same impact as taking two cars off the road for an entire year.


CONTACT:     Dan Hucko, RG&E, 585-724-8825, daniel.hucko@iberdrolausa.com