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Rochester, NY, August 20, 2010 – RG&E and its contractor, KBH Environmental, are making steady progress in cleaning up mineral oil that vandals released from a spare transformer at RG&E’s Russell Station property.

The cleanup is continuing on three fronts:

 - Removing oil from the ground around the transformer while preparing that area for removal of soil that is  affected by the oil.
 - Removing oil from a storm drainage system that was the pathway for the oil to reach Slater Creek.
 - Containing and cleaning up any oil in Slater Creek.
Yesterday, RG&E found no evidence of oil along the Lake Ontario shore line either east or west of Slater Creek. RG&E will continue to monitor the shore line and if any oil is found it will be addressed. 

Based on excavation that has already been done around the transformer it appears that the majority of oil that was released from the transformer will be recovered from that area.

RG&E expects work at the site to continue for at least several weeks.

RG&E is continuing to work with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, the state and Monroe County departments of health and the U.S. Coast Guard as the cleanup progresses.

The public is reminded to avoid any areas where oil sheen may be visible including in Slater Creek and Lake Ontario. Also, the public should refrain from fishing and using watercraft near any oil sheens.

Anyone who has information regarding this act of vandalism should contact the Town of Greece police department.