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energy efficiency incentives

Is saving on energy really that easy?


YES! Our lineup of energy efficiency incentives makes it easy for you to save money. And the best part is,
with so many ways to save, you can be sure there's an opportunity right for you -- whether you want to save at
home or at your business. For more information, click on any of our incentive programs below. 
Say YES to your energy savings!



Residential Incentives Nonresidential Incentives

Natural Gas and Electric
Rebates are available when
you install qualifying
equipment and related controls.
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Residential Multi-
Family Program
Equipment replacement
and rebates are available
to reduce energy use in apartment and condominium complexes.
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Small Business
Free energy assessments
and incentives for up to
70% of the cost of energy efficient equipment upgrades.
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Commercial and Industrial
For nonresidential electricity and natural gas customers
who install qualifying energy-efficient equipment.
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Recycling Program
Recycle your old refrigerator or freezer. We'll pick it up for free and give you $50!
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Your Energy
Savings Store 
Purchase energy-efficient equipment online and take advantage of rebates exclusively for our RG&E customers.
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Nonresidential Multi-Family Program
Equipment replacement
and rebates are available
to reduce energy use in apartment and condominium complexes.
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Self-Direct Program
Qualifying customers use funds in an Energy Savings Account for energy efficiency projects to suit their needs.
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State and federal incentives are also available for energy efficiency improvements. Visit NYSERDA's 
website at or learn about federal tax credits at the ENERGY STAR  website.