Steps To Convert

Get natural gas service in three easy steps:

Step 1: Apply Today

To begin the application process apply online or call us at 585.724.8666.

Step 2: Complete the Commitment Letter

Once you have applied for service our representative will mail you a commitment letter for your signature. This is a simple agreement between you and RG&E that says if we install a natural gas service to your home you will connect a gas appliance to this new service within 90 days. Fill in any additional requested information, mark your preferred location for the natural gas meter on the map on the reverse side of the letter, and return the letter to us in the postage paid envelope. One of our field planners will then visit your home to complete the service and meter design. The job next goes to our construction department.

Step 3: Connect!

Once the service and meter are installed you can connect your natural gas appliance. When you have completed your work, call RG&E to schedule our crew to turn on the natural gas.

You or your contractor should plan to be at home for the turn on appointment.

That’s all there is to it! We take care of everything that you need on our side of the meter. All you have to do is pick out and install your natural gas appliances. Then rest secure in the knowledge that you’ve made a clean, efficient and dependable choice for your family.


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