Public Service Commission (PSC) Filings

Banking Rules Under the Community Distributed Generation Program

Effective Date:  August 1, 2021

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PSC 19 Tariff Leaves

Dominion/EGTS Tariff Filing

Effective Date: August 1, 2021 (Postponed until 11/01/2021)

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PSC 16 Tariff Leaves

NYSEG and RG&E 2019 New York Rate Case

On Monday May 20, 2019 NYSEG and RG&E filed a rate case with the New York State Public Service Commission (NYPSC). Information associated with this rate case can be found below.

We are deeply committed to providing safe, affordable, reliable and sustainable energy for New Yorkers, now and well into the future.

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Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Testimony Exhibits
Capital Structure (Ann E. Bulkley) Testimony Exhibits
Customer Service Testimony Exhibits
Deliveries and Revenue Decoupling Mechanism Testimony Exhibits
Depreciation (John J. Spanos) Testimony Exhibits
Economic Development Testimony Exhibits
Electric Generation and Common Capital Expenditures Testimony Exhibits
Electric Reliability and Operations Testimony Exhibits
Electric and Gas Supply Testimony Exhibits
Embedded Cost of Service (David A. Heinz) Testimony Exhibits
Emergency Preparedness Testimony Exhibits
Energy Efficiency and Earnings Adjustment Testimony Exhibits
Management Audit Testimony Exhibits
Marginal Cost of Service (Kurt G. Strunk) Testimony Exhibits
Policy Testimony Exhibits
Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) Testimony Exhibits
Resiliency Plan Testimony Exhibits
Revenue Allocation and Rate Design Testimony Exhibits
Revenue Requirements Testimony Exhibits
Tax Testimony Exhibits
Vegetation Management Testimony Exhibits
Workforce Compensation and Benefits Testimony Exhibits

NYSEG and RG&E Emergency Plan

NYSEG and RG&E annually file an Electric Emergency Plan as a result of the PSC's regulatory responsibilities based on Moreland Commission recommendations.

NYSEG and RG&E Code of Conduct

NYSEG and RG&E Code of Conduct includes Dispute Resolution Procedures on Page 6, Subsection VIII.

Electricity Portfolio Price Comparison

View our electricity portfolio price comparison charts.

Electricity Pricing and Tariff

For your convenience, we have placed the entire electricity pricing tariff online.

Natural Gas Pricing and Tariff

For your convenience, we have placed the entire natural gas pricing tariff online.