RG&E Conducting Safety Inspections of Natural Gas Meters

Company asks for cooperation from customers as necessary work is completed

ROCHESTER, New York — October 17, 2019 — Rochester Gas & Electric Corporation (RG&E), a subsidiary of AVANGRID, Inc. (NYSE: AGR), will be in customers’ neighborhoods over the next several months conducting safety inspections of natural gas meters. These inspections are necessary to ensure the safe delivery of natural gas to your home or business.

A combination of RG&E employees and qualified contractors will be performing the inspections. All workers will identify themselves with either green or orange company identification badges before entering any buildings. Customers can expect to see employees conducting inspections between Mondays and Saturdays through December.

RG&E is required by the New York State Public Service Commission (PSC) to perform mandatory routine leak and corrosion inspections periodically. These inspections will assess the condition of the service line to detect gas leakage as well as check for corrosion on all exposed piping connected to the natural gas meter inside your home or business. The inspection takes approximately 20 minutes to complete.

If inspectors are unable to access the meter and service line at the time of the inspection, they will leave behind important information regarding scheduling a visit at a later time. Customers who fail to provide access to the meter or schedule an inspection by December 31, 2019, risk having service to the property shut off. Additionally, a $100 surcharge may be imposed. This inspection is necessary to ensure customer safety and maintain regulatory compliance.

We appreciate our customers’ cooperation as we administer this program. For additional information, please refer to the PSC website http://www.dps.ny.gov and search Case Number 15-G-0244.

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