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Our work doesn’t stop there. We also have many services designed to meet the variety of needs you or your family members may have.

Special Coding for Life Support Users

If you need RG&E service to operate life support equipment, you must show documentation that you are not financially able to pay the bill. We will then request a medical certificate. You must notify us every three (3) months that you are unable to pay, and keep us informed of your continuing need to operate life support equipment.

As an added service for all customers on life support, we will specifically tag your meter and code your account. We can then notify you before any planned electrical outage so you can make alternate arrangements. For unplanned electrical outages, such as during a storm, RG&E will make every effort to restore service to you as soon as possible. You should have plans for providing your own backup in emergency situations.

Contact us online or by calling 800.743.2110.

Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP)

Regular HEAP is now open and accepting applications

HEAP is a federal grant program that helps eligible households pay for energy costs and weatherization. Income eligible customers may receive one regular HEAP benefit per season. Contact your county's department of social services for more information.

Emergency HEAP will open January 2, 2019

In addition to regular HEAP, you may also be eligible for emergency HEAP benefits. The number of emergency benefits varies per season depending on the availability of funds.

Funding is limited

HEAP funding is limited so it is important to apply early. If you receive any type of Social Security benefit or if you are 60 years of age or older, call your local Office for the Aging and an application may be mailed to you.

Energy Assistance Program (EAP)

EAP is designed to help eligible customers gain control of their energy bills. The program has two levels of assistance, bill credits and arrears forgiveness.

EAP bill credits are available automatically to any customer who receives a HEAP benefit. No application is needed. A limited number of EAP participants will be able to apply for our EAP arrears forgiveness program. EAP bill credits will continue each year as long as a HEAP benefit is applied to your RG&E account.

Project SHARE Heating Fund

Our Project SHARE Heating Fund is designed to help income-eligible customers with energy emergencies. Active duty military personnel and well-discharged veterans with an active disconnect notice may qualify regardless of income.

To receive a Project SHARE Heating Fund grant, you must have an active account with RG&E, have an active disconnect notice, meet the current HEAP income guideline and exhausted all other assistance.

Third Party Notification

This option is designed to protect you from service disconnection due to unpaid bills. Third Party Notification lets you designate a relative, friend, or a social service agency of your choice who you want to receive important information about your RG&E account (such as a service disconnection notice). This is particularly advantageous to the elderly and those who live alone or are seriously ill.

Quarterly Billing for Senior Citizens

If you are 62 years of age or older and you meet the guidelines now specified by New York State law, you may pay your RG&E bill on a quarterly basis rather than each month. To qualify, you must be a residential customer whose annual billing is $150 or less.

Large-Print Bills

If you are visually-impaired and have difficulty reading your RG&E bill, you may request a large-print bill. If you make this request, we will make an enlarged photocopy of your bill and the bill insert each month. Both bills, the original and enlarged photocopy, will be mailed to you for your convenience. There is no charge for this service.

For more information on large-print bills, contact us.

Braille Bills

If you know someone who is blind, you may request that a Braille bill and bill insert be sent to them. Both bills, the original and the Braille version, will be sent to them for their convenience. There is no charge for this service. To request a Braille bill, either Write to RG&E or contact us.

Special Coding for Seniors

If you are a senior citizen (62 years of age or older) or are blind or disabled and ALL members of your household are senior citizens, blind, disabled, or under 18 years of age, you are covered by certain rights and protections under New York State law. This protection includes an RG&E obligation to make special efforts to maintain your service. We will contact you at least three (3) days before a scheduled shutoff for non-payment to work out a fair payment plan with you.

If an agreement cannot be reached, we will notify the Department of Social Services and will continue your RG&E service another 15 days. If service is disconnected, we will try to contact you again within 10 days to offer a plan to restore service.

For more information on any of our special needs billing services, contact us.

Payment Arrangements

If you are having a problem paying your RG&E bill, you should first call our office. We will work with you to arrange a payment agreement. We will consider your individual needs and income limitations when working out a down payment and a payment schedule. The length of the agreement and amount of each monthly payment will be decided between us. A down payment may not be necessary. We wish to help you stay current with your bill while you pay toward your past due amount. If you are unable to make a payment agreement with us because you do not have the ability to pay, we will refer you to an agency that may be able to assist you.

For more information contact us.

Service programs

Did you know?

Prefer to speak in a language other than English? We offer interpreter services. We also have materials in Spanish.

Do you know about 2-1-1 New York?

2-1-1 New York can connect you to services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, including holidays. Agents can link you to information and services you need. The call is free and confidential.

Learn more about 2-1-1 New York, including if this service is available in your area, by visiting their website.

We are here to help

The last thing we want to do is shut off your electricity and natural gas service for nonpayment. If you are having difficulty paying your bill, don't wait call us at 877.266.3492 (Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., excluding holidays). The sooner you call, the sooner we can work together on a solution. Here are a few of the services we have to assist you.

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