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Typical Electricity and Natural Gas Bill Data

Interested in what comprises a typical bill? The links below compare average monthly bills for customers who purchased their electricity and/or natural gas supply from RG&E.


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Seeing a change in your bill?

Warm Temperatures and Humidity Can Impact Electricity Bills

This summer, heat and humidity levels have been high. When temperatures and mugginess increase, so does electricity usage. You may be seeing an increase in the supply portion of  your electricity bill as you try to stay cool and comfortable by using air conditioners, fans and other cooling devices.

*Weather Facts:

  • Hot summers increase the demand for cooling. This causes an increase in energy consumption and can increase energy costs to consumers by approximately 10 to 22 percent.
  • Summers with hot, humid weather for longer than normal increase the amount of electricity use needed to run air conditioners, fans and other cooling devices.
  • You can save as much as 10% a year on energy costs by setting your air conditioner’s thermostat to 78 degrees and keeping your house warmer when you’re away.

*Sources: Based on information from the U.S. Department of Energy, U.S. Climate Resilience Toolkit, and Accuweather.com

Wholesale electricity supply prices have increased 

Your energy bill is comprised of two components: supply and delivery. The supply portion of your energy bill is provided by RG&E or an ESCO (Energy Services Company) as chosen by the customer. 

If your energy supply is provided by RG&E, the company purchases supply from the market and the market determines the supply price which will vary. Supply and demand have caused the wholesale price of electricity to increase significantly since May 1, 2018. These prices are passed on to customers without markup and RG&E makes no profit on supply. Recent increases in the supply price have not been caused by RG&E rate increases.

Delivery charges cover the costs to distribute electricity from its original source to your home or business. Delivery costs were increased on May 1, 2018.

We offer the following to assist with managing your energy bills:

Budget Billing: This program allows you to keep your bill consistent on a monthly basis to avoid seasonal variations. 

Payment Arrangements: If you are having difficulty paying your bills you may qualify for a payment arrangement. Call 1.877.266.3492 for more information. 

Customer Meter Reading: You may choose to read your own meter every other month to receive an actual bill each month, eliminating estimated readings.