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Rochester Area Reliability Project (RARP)

As part of our commitment to provide safe, reliable service to all of our customers, RG&E, in conjunction with its parent company AVANGRID, will invest approximately $254 million to upgrade the electricity transmission system in the Rochester region. This project, known as the Rochester Area Reliability Project or RARP, will be located in the towns of Chili, Gates, and Henrietta and in the City of Rochester. This project will provide additional power to fill growing demand, increase reliability and accommodate growth & economic development in the Rochester region.

Proposed RARP Project Scope

  • Building a new 345 kilovolt (kV) substation (255) near the NYPA transmission lines in southwestern Monroe County.
  • Constructing a new 345-kV transmission line in the towns of Chili and Henrietta.
  • Rebuilding/relocating 2.5 miles of an existing circuit located in a railroad right of way in the Town of Chili.
  • Building a new 115-kV transmission line between the new substation 255 and an existing substation in the Town of Gates.
  • Building a new 115-kV transmission line to connect the new substation 255 to our existing Station 23 in the City of Rochester, including a 1.1-mile section in the Town of Gates.
  • Improving equipment at existing substations in the towns of Gates and Henrietta and in the City of Rochester.
  • Upgrading protection and communications systems at substations in the towns of Somerset, NY and Lewiston, NY.

Project Map

  • You may view/download a PDF map of the project here.

Project Approvals

  • To view all public PSC documents related to the RARP, please click here.
  • On September 30, 2011, RG&E filed an Article VII application with the New York State Public Service Commission (PSC) for approval of the proposed project. The complete application may be viewed here*.
  • On April 23, 2013, the PSC issued an order granting a Certificate of Environmental Compatibility and Public Need for the project. The PSC Order may be viewed here.
  • On August 15, 2013, the PSC issued an order for an additional review of the agricultural impacts of the siting of Station 255. The PSC Order may be viewed here.
  • On November 15, 2013, the PSC issued an order to reopen the record to reexamine the location of substation 255 and the routes of circuits 40, 940 & 941. The PSC Order may be viewed here.
  • On December 20, 2013, the PSC issued an order approving the Environmental Management and Construction Plan for Segment 1 (EM&CP) for substation construction/modifications at RG&E Stations 80, 418 and 23 and remote stations at Kintigh and Niagara. EM&CP Segment 1 does not include Station 255 because its site remains undetermined.
    The EM&CP is an environmental management plan that covers exactly what will be constructed and how the environment will be protected during that time. RG&E plans to begin construction at the approved sites mentioned above as soon as practicable. The PSC Order may be viewed here.

Estimated Project Timeline

  • A transmission project like this can take 5-7 years or longer to build from initial planning to energizing. 
  • RG&E now estimates that if the Commission confirms the already certified Alternative Site 7 as the location for Station 255, it will take us 30 months from the date of the Order to placing the project in service.
  • If the Commission selects another location for Station 255, RG&E estimates it will take approximately 37 months from the date of the Order to placing the project in service, depending on conditions at the new location.

Economic Impact

  • We estimate the project will create about 70 local jobs during the 18-24 month construction period, and have positive long-term impact on job creation in the future.
  • If completed as planned, the RARP will provide the following new annual tax revenue:
    • Town of Chili - $4.6 million
    • Town of Gates - $3.5 million
    • Town of Henrietta - $0.47 million
    • City of Rochester - $0.78 million

* You may also view a hard copy of the Article VII application at:

  • Brighton Memorial Library
    2300 Elmwood Avenue
    Rochester, NY 14618
  • Central Library of Rochester and Monroe County
    115 South Avenue
    Rochester, NY 14604
  • Chili Public Library
    3333 Chili Avenue
    Rochester, NY 14624
  • Gates Public Library
    902 Elmgrove Road
    Rochester, NY 14624
  • Henrietta Public Library
    455 Calkins Road
    Henrietta, NY 14623
  • Department of Public Service
    Office of Central Files - 14th Floor
    Three Empire State Plaza
    Albany, NY 12223

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