Remember my ID and Password Help
By checking this option, you will not have to enter your Login ID and password in the future -- even if you close your browser or shut down your computer. That's because your Login ID and password will be stored in a cookie on your computer. The next time you click on a RG&E secured online service, our Web site will look for your cookie, and immediately display your account information. If others have access to this computer, you may not wish to select this option.

What’s a cookie?
A cookie is a small piece of information that your browser stores on the hard drive of your computer. We always store your password in an encrypted format to maintain security.

Are you using a public computer, like at a public library?
If yes, you may not want to check this option. That's because anyone using the computer will be able to sign in using your Login ID and password if you do not clear the cookie by clicking on "Set to Off".

How do I remove "Remember my Login ID and Password"?
To clear the cookie, just click on "My Online Profile" located at the left-hand side of any page when you are logged in. Next to the "Remember my Login ID and Password" option, click on "Change to Off". However, the next time you sign in to our secured online services, you will need to enter your Login ID and password.