Usage and Safety 
tree removal

We Prune Trees Near Our Power Lines Only

We prune and sometimes remove trees and vegetation that could come into contact with our power lines. If you believe trees around utility lines need to be removed or pruned, we encourage you to contact the appropriate utility company - RG&E, the cable company or the telephone company. Do not attempt this work yourself.

Here are some additional safety tips:

  • Never attempt to remove tree debris when any downed lines may be entangled in
    the debris.
  • Leave cutting and pruning of trees near power lines to professionals. A tree or limb that contacts a power line could be deadly.
  • Remind children not to climb trees near power lines or climb on pad-mounted transformers. 
  • Avoid planting new trees under power lines.

Our tree debris removal policy:

  • During scheduled maintenance tree work in residential and landscaped areas,
    we chip and remove smaller branches less than six inches and cut larger ones
    into manageable lengths and leave onsite.
  • When customers request that we clear vegetation outside of our scheduled
    maintenance or in rural, non-landscaped areas, we leave the cut material
    behind for customer disposal.
  • Following a storm, our first priority is to restore service safely and as quickly
    and efficiently as possible, so when we have to cut vegetation, we leave cut
    materials behind for customer disposal or to naturally decompose.

Natural Trimming Methods >> In yards and other landscaped areas, trees will be pruned using natural pruning methods established by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards and Tree  Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) guidelines. (Please note that during an emergency we may not be able to adhere to the natural pruning method.) This pruning method involves cutting limbs where the tree would normally shed them and directing future growth away from power lines. While a newly pruned tree will look different, natural pruning protects the health of the tree, minimizes regrowth and requires fewer cuts. We will not paint pruned trees with tree wound dressings. Such dressings are cosmetic and do not stop decay. In fact, some studies show them to have a detrimental effect.

Selective Tree Removal >>
In rural and wooded areas, tree removal is an effective and
economical method for controlling vegetation. Whenever practical, trees that are likely to grow into power lines will be removed. Tree removal is the best option when pruning alone cannot achieve adequate clearance from power lines.

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did you know? 

Trees are the leading cause of  power interruptions, accounting for nearly half of
all interruptions.


when planting,

make sure you Dig Safe.


choose the right professional for trimming trees

We only clear trees, branches and vegetation near our electric lines. We do not prune around lines owned by cable or phone companies or remove vegetation that is not interfering with our lines. Never attempt to prune trees near power lines; leave that to professionals.