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01/21/10 Ancillary Service Charge/NYPA Transmission Access Charge (NTAC)

Effective January 1, 2010 RG&E will no longer collect New York Independent System Operator (NYISO) Ancillary Service/ NYPA Transmission Access Charge (NTAC) charges from all customers in the transition charge and will stop reimbursements to electricity suppliers (also known as energy services companies or ESCOs) for NYISO Ancillary Service/NTAC charges they incur from the NYISO. ESCOs will be responsible for the collection of any NYISO charges from their customers. The NYISO Ancillary Service/NTAC charges for full-service customers taking supply from RG&E will be moved to the customers’ variable supply charges. Hourly priced full-service customers will see the Ancillary Service/NTAC charges as a separate dollar/kilowatt hour line item on the bill.


NYISO Related Transmission Charges: 

In accordance with the Order Approving Tariff Amendments, issued and effective January 27, 2016 in New York Public Service Commission ("PSC") Case 15-E-0582, the Company’s Supply Charge will include a component to recover the transmission project costs allocated to the Company under the New York Independent System Operator (“NYISO”) tariff as approved by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (“FERC”).  The new component is effective June 1, 2016.  The forecasted per-kWh rates for all NYISO-billed charges and prior-period true-up included in the Company's Supply Charge are as follows:

May 2017

Ancillary Services $/kWh - $0.00142
NYPA Transmission Adjustment Charge (NTAC) $/kWh - $0.00083
Transmission Project Costs $/kWh -  $0.00018
True-up $/kWh  - ($0.00100)
Total - $0.00143

April 2017

Ancillary Services $/kWh  - $0.00193
NYPA Transmission Adjustment Charge (NTAC) $/kWh -  $0.00111 
Transmission Project Costs $/kWh  - $0.00013
True-up $/kWh  -  ($0.00047)
Total -  $0.00270