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about distributed generation

This section of our website is dedicated to supporting distributed generation projects within RG&E's service area. Whether you are a customer considering distributed generation or you are an experienced contractor, we can help you learn more about distributed generation and guide you through the application process.


What is Distributed Generation?
Distributed generation is generally a small electrical production facility that provides electricity to a home or business, with excess electricity sold to a utility. These production facilities can generate electricity from a variety of energy sources, including wind, farm waste, water or sunlight.

RG&E customers can receive permission to connect their energy source to RG&E's electrical system and sell excess generation to RG&E. To do so, customers, or their contractors, need to complete an application and follow a series of steps to ensure their system conforms to RG&E's standards and is safely connected.


Application Process
Application for interconnection of distributed generation can be submitted cia our online portal. Once you have submitted an application, you can view your application status online through a secure login ID and password.