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Wind Energy Continues to Gain Popularity Among NYSEG and RG&E Customers 

Rochester, NY, February 7, 2007 – More and more NYSEG and RG&E customers are finding that the source of
electricity they prefer is blowin’ in the wind.

As of the end of 2006, 9,300 NYSEG customers have signed up to purchase wind-generated electricity through a
program the company began offering in August 2002 in partnership with Community Energy Inc., a leading marketer of
wind energy. The number of customers participating in the NYSEG program increased more than 200% from 2005 to
2006. These NYSEG customers are expected to use 33.3 million kilowatt-hours (kwh) of wind energy in 2007.

At RG&E nearly 3,000 customers have enrolled in the wind energy program the company began offering in April
2004. The number of customers participating in the RG&E program is also up significantly over 2005. These RG&E
customers are expected to use 19.5 million kwh of wind energy in 2007.

“The wind energy programs at NYSEG and RG&E are a natural fit with our commitment to do all that we can to
protect the environment,” said Jim Laurito, president and CEO of NYSEG and RG&E. “We are pleased to be able to offer
this environmentally-friendly, renewable-energy option to our customers and we are encouraged by their enthusiastic

Customer purchases of wind energy directly benefit the environment because they offset the need for electricity
from fossil-fueled generation. Every 100 megawatts of fossil-fueled generation displaced by renewable energy sources
lowers carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by more than 500,000 tons, a reduction equivalent to planting 21 million trees or
taking 82,000 cars off the road. Renewable energy sources also help avoid sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides emissions.
NYSEG customers can learn more about the company’s wind energy program at nyseg.com – click on the
“Residential” or “Business” tab and then click on “New Wind Energy.” RG&E customers can learn more at rge.com.

About NYSEG and RG&E: NYSEG and RG&E are subsidiaries of Energy East Corporation [NYSE:EAS], a superregional
energy services and delivery company in the Northeast. NYSEG serves 860,000 electricity customers and
254,000 natural gas customers across more than 40% of upstate New York. RG&E serves 359,000 electricity customers
and 296,000 natural gas customers in a nine-county region centered on the City of Rochester. By providing outstanding
customer service and meeting customers’ energy requirements in an environmentally-responsible manner, NYSEG and
RG&E will continue to be valuable assets to the communities they serve. For more information, visit nyseg.com and