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 RG&E Upgrading Electricity Distribution System in Webster

Rochester, NY – RG&E soon plans to improve its electricity distribution system in the northeast section of the Town of Webster to enhance reliability, increase capacity and accommodate continued residential growth.

“This project is another example of RG&E’s commitment to provide safe and reliable service to our customers,” said Mark S. Lynch, president NYSEG and RG&E. “It’s part of the RG&E and NYSEG plan to invest approximately $2 billion on infrastructure improvements in New York State from 2011 through 2015 to meet demand growth and improve system reliability.”

RG&E completed the first phase of the project in late 2011, which included expanding an existing substation, upgrading the capacity of an existing transformer and installing two new transformers. Two of the transformers in the substation were energized; the third is scheduled to be energized this summer.

Phase 2 of the project has already begun along Route 250, Phillips Road and Salt Road between Route 104 and Lake Road. RG&E will convert the distribution system there from 4-kilovolts (kv) to 12 kv to boost its capacity. The work will include setting some new poles, installing new power lines, and pruning/cutting tree branches and vegetation along rights of way. RG&E expects to complete the work in August.

In some instances, crews may need to access private property to work on poles, wires and transformers. Crews also may need to remove vegetation to gain access to the existing pad-mounted transformers to complete the work.

There may be times when power will be interrupted to allow crews to work safely. Customers affected by these planned interruptions will be notified in advance of the work. Any one in the area who depends on life-support equipment should contact RG&E at 1.800.743.2110 so the company is aware of their situation.