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Deadline to Choose an Electricity Supplier and Supply Pricing Option Is 7 p.m. on December 30


Rochester, NY, November 5, 2008 – RG&E’s Voice Your Choice enrollment period is now open. The company’s electricity customers have until 7 p.m. on December 30 to choose an electricity supplier (RG&E or an energy services company) and electricity supply pricing option (a fixed or variable price) for 2009.

There are two changes to the program from previous offerings: first, the enrollment period is now two months (prior enrollment periods began in October) and second, in 2009 customers will pay the same fixed transition charge with any supply pricing option they select (this used to be either fixed or variable charge depending on the supply option selected).

Customers who currently purchase their electricity supply from RG&E will be automatically placed in the RG&E Variable Price Option if they do not make a choice. Customers who purchase their electricity supply from an energy services company (ESCO) will be automatically placed in the ESCO Price Option if the ESCO does not enroll on the customer’s behalf.

Customers may choose from RG&E’s Fixed Price Option, RG&E’s Variable Price Option or an ESCO option. Customers should contact ESCOs directly about the ESCO options. ESCOs may have both fixed and variable supply offers available. Information to help customers make a choice and the most current list of qualified ESCOs are available in the Voice Your Choice enrollment material that all customers will receive in the mail by November 13, at rge.com or by calling 1.800.RGE.VYCNow (1.800.743.8926).

“No matter which choice you make, RG&E will continue to deliver the electricity safely and reliably,” said Clyde Forbes, RG&E’s Voice Your Choice spokesperson, “We’re encouraging customers to enroll – by doing so, customers can ensure they are placed in the supply choice they want for 2009.”

Under RG&E’s Fixed Price Option, the total price per kilowatt-hour for supply, delivery and the transition charge will remain the same for all of 2009. Under RG&E’s Variable Price Option, the delivery and transition charge prices will be fixed; the electricity supply price will fluctuate as the market price of electricity changes. 

Customers who already obtain their electricity supply from an ESCO can stay with that ESCO or choose one of the other supply options. RG&E will contact current ESCO customers by mail to inform them of the Voice Your Choice enrollment period and advise them to contact their ESCO for more information.

The Voice Your Choice program is part of RG&E’s rate plan that was approved by the New York State Public Service Commission in May 2004, with modifications resulting from the Commission’s Order in September, 2008. 

Note: Electricity prices are made up of separate delivery, supply and transition charges. The delivery charge is what customers pay RG&E to transport electricity to their homes and businesses through RG&E’s delivery system. The supply charge is what customers pay RG&E or another supplier for the electricity they use. The transition charge is the difference between the market price of electricity and the price of electricity under RG&E’s long-term electricity supply contracts (may be positive or negative).